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Aesthetic Plastic Surgery helps you to materialize your ideas at any field of the beauty intervention.

The breast augmentation is one of the most current and requested processes. The silicon implant has been used for breast size enlargement for more than 40 years. Therefore the operation has become safer. The breast lifting, liposuction, abdominoplasty and face lifting, further the aesthetic operations of the different face areas, such as the plastic surgery of nose, eyelid and ears are also requested processes.

The plastic surgery is more and more available for the beauty seekers in the 21st century. But llifelong decisions shall be made with possession of the authentic information. One of the most important factors of the successful plastic surgery is the first personal counseling, because several customized factors shall be considered with the patient at the planning of the result.

The goal of the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery – studying the international literature and visiting the congresses of the aesthetic and plastic surgery – is to have up-to-date knowledge for more successful and safer performance of the interventions using the most modern technical methods.

The name of the plastic surgeon Dr. Albert Urszán with experience of two decades is the guarantee for the greater caution of the intervention, and for the results as good as possible. Our patients get full information on the process of the operation, the possibilities, the expectable results, the accidental complications, and the risk factors.

Plastic Surgery
Clinic, Doctor
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Treatments Anesthesia Prices
Facelift general anesthetic 2100 – 2700 EURO
Minor face (only parts of the face) Local anesthesia 1800 – 2200 EURO
Raising the eyebrow Local anesthesia 800 – 1100 EURO
Eyelid correction upper eyelids Local anesthesia 800 – 1100 EURO
Eyelid correction lower eyelids Local anesthesia 900 – 1200 EURO
Upper and lower eyelid correction Local anesthesia 1500 – 2000 EURO (+ general anesthesia 400 EURO)
Ear correction Local anesthesia 900 – 1200 EURO
Rhinoplasty general anesthetic 2200 – 2800 EURO
Sew up the chest general anesthetic 2200 – 2700 EURO
Breast augmentation General anesthesia, with implant 3000 – 3600 EURO
Lifting and enlargement General anesthesia, with implant 3600 – 4500 EURO
Breast reduction general anesthetic 2400 – 3000 EURO
Male breast Local or general anesthesia 1200 – 1400 EURO (+ general anesthesia 400 EURO
Tummy tuck general anesthetic 2400 – 3000 EURO
Minor belly (only parts of the belly) general anesthetic 1800 – 2200 EURO
Liposuction per area Local or general anesthesia 350 – 400 EURO (+ general anesthesia 400 EURO)
Opening hours
GMT +01:00
09:00 - 17:00
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Budapest , Hungary ,Margit u. 25, 1025

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